Self evaluation

Everyday at the end of the day I reflect a bit on the day and my behavior. I think about obvious major mess ups, and what I did and why, and what I should have done and would if I could have a “do over”. My major area of reflection is how I treated people. I want to grow everyday in being totally anger free and being very patient, incredibly gentle, and super wise in the words that I speak so everyone that I talk to is given grace as God would give it through me. It is fairly rare now for me to do or say something that is mean or purposely hurtful. My biggest relational,weakness is that I am so often mentally absorbed in my own life and projects that I totally miss opportunities to say or do something for someone else that would give grace and make their day. I really want to grow in the wisdom and love for others so that I ask good questions to others that encourages them to share their story, their journey with Christ, their needs, their interests and strengths, questions that would help me to truly understand how I can encourage and motivate and help them succeed in life. Accurate self evaluation through personal reflection on the day, that is how I want to end each day and then as I thank God for all that He has done that day to ask Him for more to do tomorrow and His strength to do it well for Him.

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