Bicycle across USA once again

I got the maps for the bicycle route across the USA going from San Diago, California to St Augustine, Florida, in the mail today, about 3,500 miles. A small group of us are planning on leaving on this trip in one year, about the first of March and taking two months. We are going earlier to escape the heat of the Southern part of the US. All the memory of the pain of the last trip on the “Northern Tier” has about been forgotten so thinking about anther trip is getting easier. I can’t wait until one of my grandkids is old enough to go with me, and actually wants to go and their Mom and Dad will trust me to take care of them. It won’t be that long before they would actually be taking care of me. Before I get to old to do it and when Mike is preaching so good that nobody will miss me, probably not that far away, I want to leave my house and head South to San Diago, go East to St Augustine, Florida, North to Washington DC, and then West back to home. That would be about 9,000 miles and take 4 months. Now that would be an adventure for as old as I will be then. I even entertained the idea of doing the trip I did on my motorcycle 5 years ago where I hit all lower 48 States. That would be 13,000 miles and take 6 months,whooooooeeeeee, now that would be something to write about. I bet I would get a lot of sermon illustrations if I were still preaching. It probably won’t happen but it sure is fun to think about it and dream.

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