Worse and worse

Reading the news and then thinking back to when I was about 20 years old and farming it seems that the world has steadily gotten worse and worse. It may just be that news is so available on internet that I am more aware of it now, but I don’t think so. The amount of international conflict now seems to dwarf the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the USA when I was a kid, and though the Vietnam war was bad it seems like we could be in two or three of those just about any day now. In reading the Bible God tells us that things will indeed get worse and worse though man tries in vain to fix things. As bad as things are today they will get worse, but I am not worried because the Bible also says that when things can’t get much worse Jesus will come back to the earth and will rule and be the King and there will be no more war, or disease, or politics. I am confidently looking forward to that day. Those who serve Him now will rule with Him then. That will be cool.

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