I am sitting in the airport at Kansas City waiting to board our plane that was just announced to be 90 minutes late. Yikes, that will get us into Portland at Midnight. I hope there is still a shuttle running to the motel where our car is. Oh well, delays are part of life and my goal is to respond to all unexpected problems with a smile and good humor. It is fun sitting in an airport watching people. Lots of different people with lots of obvious different personalities. I wonder as I watch them how many love Jesus. Not many probably. People are generally very nice. They all have pressures and problems that they are quick to talk about if right questions are asked. I wish I had the power to fix them all. I wish I had the power to quickly convince them of God’s love for them. Oh well, I will do the best I can with the opportunities that are given to me by God and trust Him with the rest.

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