The Church

A New Testament statement that has controlled most of my life is in Ephesians 5:25, where it says Jesus loves the Church and gave His life for the Church. The Church is the “Body of Christ”, the Church is “The Bride of Christ”. We as people look at the church and see the sin, the flaws, the foibles, the disunity, but the church is still the Eternal Companion of Jesus, and He purchased her with His blood and is in the process of making her beautiful, without spot, wrinkle or blemish. I have devoted my life to serve the Lord by devoting my life to serve His Church. My love for my church is my love for Jesus, no more, no less, my devotion to my church is my devotion to Jesus, no more, no less, when I stand before Jesus at the end of my life at “The Judgment Seat of Christ” I will be rewarded with eternal rewards for what I have done with my life to make His Church healthy, and His Bride beautiful. Lord willing I have a few more years left to devote to Jefferson Baptist Church. Patty and I are in Missouri, and I have been speaking at another church. I texted 6 people tonight and asked how the service went tonight at JBC. The response was, “super good”. The feelings that I have in my heart sitting in a room at midnight reading those texts is like a proud father watching his son graduate from college. Thank You Lord for the priviledge of serving You by building Your Bride, and for the great sense of joy and fullfillment that I have at this moment in my life.

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