The ultimate blessing

i hesitate to write this because I know that many will feel great pain as I reflect on our greatest of blessings, which is eight kids that have grown up strong and healthy, who all love the Lord, who all have married spouses who love the Lord, except Seth who is single, who all love their parents and who all love each other, and have had 21 soon to be 22 healthy children who I am sure will love the Lord as well. Our oldest daughter just had her 40th birthday so the girls, 6 of them plus our daughter in law are going to all go to the coast and stay for 4 days together and let the husbands keep the kids. A number of them have been to the house yesterday and today and I have had a wonderful time being with them and reflecting on this greatest of blessings. There are so many who have had their kids make very poor choices with alchohol and drugs, poor choices with who they married, and so many have had their kids turn their back on the Lord and become prodigals. So many parents that I know are estranged from their kids because one or the other or both carry a huge load of bitterness over a past offense. I am so thankful to the Lord for this greatest of blessings and I am committed to praying very faithfully and diligently for those I know who have great heart ache instead of a sense of blessing. It is the least I can do for the Lord and for others for His great blessing to Patty and I.

3 thoughts on “The ultimate blessing

  1. Kathy Reichman

    Dee and Patty, thank you for your example to all of us. Your beautiful God-fearing family did not happen by accident. That you for modeling Christ-like, sacrificial, and blessed living. We are thankful for your leadership.


  2. Wayne Rowe

    I too am grateful for your example. I would not have known how to pray for or raise my kids if you had not been so kind as to share your life and thoughts. I hope my kids turn out well also. If they don’t, it will hurt, but I will still be glad for the blessing God gave you!



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