Making a difference

Took my wife, Patty on a date tonight and we went into Salem 1st Baptist and listened to one of my favorite missionaries talk about her work in China getting young ladies who have been sold as sex slaves released from the brothels they are held in and helping them get a real life free from bondage, with a good job, and faith in Jesus Christ. She is a young single lady who has devoted her life to helping the helpless. There were many other things that she shared that she is doing in China to help homeless people, mentally handicapped that have been rejected by their family, and others who were trapped in deadend lifestyles. As I sat and listened to her while eating a great Chineese food dinner I was amazed at all that she has accomplished in such a short amount of time. The question that came to my mind was why are there so few people that accomplish very much with their life that really matters. We are all “hard wired” by God to want to do something with our life that is significant, but most do not. Why? I think it is what Jesus said, “the way is easy and many choose it” “the way is hard and there are few who choose it”. How many would choose to go to China? How many would choose once there to give their life to going into brothels to rescue young girls who are trapped and enslaved. We like the idea of doing something Nobel with our lives but make it easy and comfortable.

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