Dog on a leash

I have a new addition to my morning prayer of commitment. After I say “Jesus, You are Lord of my life” I now say as well “I am like a dog on a leash”. I take my dog Russel for a walk on his leash and he pulls and tugs on me, and I think he thinks he is leading me to wherever he wants to go. He isn’t of course, but he is just a dumb dog. What I mean is that I picture that situation with Russel, but I know and confess and embrace the fact that God is leading me and I need to be smart enough and humble enough to follow without pulling and never thinking that I am in charge. God loves me and has a perfect plan for my life that includes tough times to make me like Himself in character. I won’t fuss or whine or feel sorry for myself. I will follow and serve Him. I will be reminded of this new commitment every time I take Russel out on his leash.

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