Sowing and reaping

one of the basic laws of life that God created is that what you sow is what you reap. What you give away is what you receive back. How you treat others is how you will be treated. One of the most important of these “sowing and reaping” laws is, ” How much we honor God is how much we will be honored by others”,  especially those closest to us. We honor God by giving Him time. Time reading His Word to us. Time praying to, about our life and for others in our life. We honor God by thanking Him and worshiping Him well. It is so easy to ignore God, take Him for granted, give him very little time and what we do give Him being left over and convienant. And we treat almighty, holy God this way because we are busy and entangled in the world seeking our joy. When we dishonor God we will be dis honored by others. Husbands crave being respected and honored by their wives, the glory of a man is his wife. But if a man neglects God he will be very unhappy with the way his wife treats him. He will fuss and rant and complain, but he is reaping what he is showing. God can change our wives in a heart beat, and He will for the man who loves Him, seeks Him, and serves Him. Every time I feel slighted by my wife I pray and confess to my Heavenly Father that I have been rude to Him because of my business, and I repent and commit to Him that I will do better at keeping Him first place in my life. It is amazing how wonderful my wife makes me feel by her words and actions after that.

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