Really wanting a lot

One of my characteristics is that I have a very strong “Wanter”. If I have a desire to do something, to accomplish something, to acquire something I am generally very passionate about it to the point of being obsessed. Most of the things I do I am pretty mechanical, routine, systematic, and duty driven about, almost boring. But then there are the those few things that fill me with an intense longing  to the point that it consumes much of my thinking. A major good thing is at this point in my life I can choose what those things are. I am not a victim of sales people or slick advertisements. I have also learned that I can overload my “Wanter” and become irresponsible and out of balance in my life if I am not careful. The tool that I use very effectively to choose what I obsess about and how much I obsess are the goals that I write for myself each year. I write them carefully having thought and prayed about them for months, and once written I read them everyday which is what really cranks up the passion level. It is fun to live life motivated and excited about some things that I want with a white hot desire. This time of year a hot fire in the stove in our living room is very nice, and a hot fire inside of me feels so good.

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