Got up and drove to Trout Lake, Washington yesterday for Thanksgiving. About a three hour drive. That is where I graduated from High School and farmed with my Dad until moving to Jefferson to Pastor JBC. My mom still lives there as well as my sister and her family who have a dairy there, also my youngest brother and his family who run a Christian Camp called Jonah Ministries. A number of our kids and grandkids came as well as a bunch of nephews and nieces and connecting in laws. Everybody brought lots of food and we ate and visited until the Seahawk game started at 5:30. We still ate and visited but with different topics. Left at 9 pm and got home at midnight. Very few things are more enjoyable than hanging out with family all day.  We have a really big family. My mom has 79 great grandkids, patty and I have 8 children, 6 son in laws, a beautiful daughter in law and 21 grandkids. Not all were there but there was a gym full. Besides being a big family we are especially close. everybody loves each other and gets along super well. We enjoy our fellowship times very much. As I sat drinking a cup of coffee watching dozens of the 79 great grand kids buzzing around the gym we were in on there toys, skate board, and  bikes I thought how blessed I am to be part of such a wonderful family. This is pretty rare. Thank You Lord.

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