A guaranteed hit with my grandkids, boys or girls is Legos. They all seem to love playing with them. Makes buying gifts for them easy though they seem to get more and more expensive. Even several of my son in laws love playing with them as well and therefore they are automatic favorites of all the grandkids. I suppose I should learn how to build things with them so I would have more in common with my grandkids, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. It is fun just to watch them from my chair get totally engrossed in their inventions and creations as they stick piece after piece together. We call them toys. I have some toys. They are a little bit more expensive than Legos, but they should be because I am older and wiser! My favorite toy is my 1949 Ford pickup that I have been restoring from a pile of rusty parts for the last 10 years. Sort of like a pile of big Legos. Fun is an interesting word, a cousin to joy. Doing things that I enjoy, that are relaxing, that do indeed bring joy into my life could become an idol, or it could be a gift from God to me His son whom He loves, and delights to give joy to. I worked on my pickup today putting a new fuel pump in, and got it to running really good. Not much in the world sounds as pretty as a Ford Flathead V8 engine with headers and Smitty’s mufflers. Thank You Lord for the fun I had working on my Legos.

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