Craving love

This Sunday I preached on the topic of the Trinity. “The Father, and the Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, are all equally God, but they are three distinct personalities who are “0ne” on the basis of their infinite love for each other and their perfect agreement and unity of purpose. We have been created in their image and likeness, therefore we crave to be loved and to love unconditionally. Today is my birthday and I have felt and experienced great love from my family and friends. The inner sense of joy and total contentment in life that comes from having so many say “I love you” , and “you mean so much to us” is indescribable. I am more determined and committed than ever before to love those around me sacrificially, thoughtfully, and proactively so that I can give to others the joy that I have received today.  I so easily lapse into business, self focus, and apathy so that I miss so many opportunities daily to make someone’s day by doing something kind, saying something to praise them, and to love them unconditionally. Help me Lord to truly see people and clearly hear them and to love them the way You love me.

5 thoughts on “Craving love

    1. deefduke Post author

      Jane, great to hear from you. You guys are still one of my favorite stories to tell. Has Jim started his hike yet? I have lost his blog information. Could you send that to me. Thanks. Dee


  1. Mike Wilde

    Happy Birthday Dee. How about we celebrate this Thursday at your second favorite pastor’s group lunch with Salmon and pecan pie for dessert! Should we bring presents for you? By the way, you look great! Not a day over 60!



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