Best coffee I ever had

Last night we calculated today’s ride at 55 miles. I was quite happy with the prospect of a shorter ride. After 20 miles we realized that we had made a mistake so we recalculate the distance and it was 80 miles.. It actually turned out to be 82 miles. We pulled in to camp at 6:30 pm, almost 11 hours on the road. As we discussed the mistake I couldn’t rememember how we came up with the number and whether it was me or John, and John couldn’t remember either so I am saying it was John. I will have to read John’s to see if he blamed me.

lots of rolling hills today. I have three sprockets in the front on my bike and 9 in the back. The small sprocket is the lowest geared one. Today I was on the small sprocket the entire day. I could have shifted out of it going downhill, but I just coast then and stand up on my pedals to give my butt a rest.

but it was a good day and I enjoyed the ride very much in spite of the miles and the hills. Reason #1 is even though we are in Minnesota I got no mosquito bites, Hallelejah! I am a mosquito magnet so to have a day with no mosquito bites is near miraculous. Reason #2 is that it didn’t rain, I hate riding in the rain! Reason #3 it was 65 degrees most of day and overcast so riding was very comfortable temperature wise. Reason #4 there was a 6 foot shoulder most of the day so there wasn’t the constant looking in my mirror worrying about drivers behind me hitting me, and ruining Patty’s day. Reason #5 the country side and scenery was great making riding way less monotonous and boring. Reason #6 because . of the wide shoulders on the rode I felt comfortable listening to a sermon as I rode by John Piper and it was superb and I was very blessed by it. Reason #7 we stopped at a little cafe in Cormorant, Minnesota and I had the best cup of coffee I have ever had in my life, wow, it was good, and the roast beef and cheddar cheese sandwich on toasted rye bread was amazing as well. And to top it all off I am laying in my warm comfortable tent writing this, reading and snacking on the dried pears my wife mailed to me, doesn’t get much better than that!.

tomorrow we have a treat. We will be riding on a bicycle trail that used to be a railroad track but cleared of the tracks and ties and paved. It is 184 miles long. We will ride on 65 miles of it tomorrow. No cars or trucks. I think I will listen to 4 or 5 sermons! 

Love vet you all very much. Dee



2 thoughts on “Best coffee I ever had

  1. Cyndee Ross

    Dee and John, I’m wondering if the ‘headwinds’ you are facing are just because you guys are in such good shape now and riding so fast that you are creating your own headwinds as you zoom along??!! LOL *!*

    We’re praying for you….enjoy every minute of this trip, it’s God’s gift to you and all of us reading your blogs!



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