Breaking the law

Yesterday when we were riding from Fargo, North Dakota to Moorhead, Minnesota we had to break a little, itty bitty rule of sorts. All that divides the two cities is the Red River and in looking at our maps we saw that there was a bicycle/foot bridge that we could cross that would save us a lot of miles, time, and riding in heavy traffic. When we got to the bridge it had a barrier across it because of major road work on the Minnesota side. It was getting close to 6 pm by then and work should be done for the day and we really didn’t want to go the extra miles to get to the big bridge so we went around the barrier. As we road on the other side there was zero traffic 🙂 I was wondering to myself if there was a big ticket for riding where we were. Motivated me to pedal faster. There were a couple other barriers as we went along but we got around them by riding on the grass. Got to the very end and there were more barriers and a number of trucks and workers, but as we pushed our bikes around the final barriers on the grass to freedom they never said a word to us. Probably didn’t matter to them. Me with my extra wild imagination, imagined helicopters zooming in over our heads with someone on a bull horn yelling at us telling us we were going to get arrested, and then as we pedaled faster ignoring their warnings a couple of big German shepherd dogs were released to chase us down prompting us to pedal even faster. Life is so much more exciting if you can have adventures in your head. I am totally drug free, really. Love you all. Dee

4 thoughts on “Breaking the law

  1. John and Joyce

    Maybe you should’ve activated your Dynamic Solar Wings that were attached to your bike and flew over the bridge and all the barriers!



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