It has monsooned  on us all night. It is now 7 am and I am laying in my little tent hoping that my recent treatment of the bottom of my tent and the rain fly work and hold the lake my tent is sitting in out. I am glad this our rest day so that we would not be out riding in this stuff. I thought North Dakota was like close to the Sahara desert in the amount of rain they got. Evidently not! Wow, listen to it come down out their! I hope it lets up a little pretty soon. I have to go to the bathroom and it is about 50 yards away. I might have to make a break for it soon regardless. All my rain cloths are out in my dry bag under the picnic table. Looks like I will be sleeping a lot today.

2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Marv&Donna

    We think God made it monsoon today so you would get A LOT of rest! It sounds like He is taking extra good care of you, just like we all asked Him to do! We love you!



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