3rd Rest Day

We left Beach, North Dakota this morning and pedaled 65 miles to Dickinson, North Dakota. The forecast was for very heavy rains all day so we were prepared to ride in the rain today, but it was nice all day. Nice ride today. We road on old highway 10 and there was virtually no traffic. As we road through beautiful farm land we must have jumped at least 50 pheasant that were along the side of the road. As they would bust into the air I would point my imaginary shotgun at them and blast them out of the air. My shooting tended to create quite a bit of wobbling on my bicycle, and I am sure John, who was riding behind me  was wondering what was going on.  We are at a campground that was built specifically for all the oil workers flooding into the area. It is probably the largest RV park I have ever seen. They have a very nice area just for tents. Picnic table, lots of shade, close to the shower room, free WiFi, little room with table and chairs that we can set in and read, very nice. Tomorrow is are scheduled “day of rest” so we will be here all day tomorrow. I will sleep in real late, take several naps, read and write a bunch, and take several showers during the day. I will also be biking over to a local Bike Store and buy some new tires. I have worn the ones I started with out. They were advertised to last 4,000 miles but didn’t even make 2000. Probably all the weight I am carrying on the bike.

Many of you enjoyed me making a fool of myself doing a jig when we reached 1,000 miles on our trip. So when we reach the half way point on our journey I am going to do another one for you. I am thinking about how to make it special and I am am thinking of adding a little song as well so don’t miss it 🙂

love you all. Dee

3 thoughts on “3rd Rest Day

  1. Dan Jablonski

    Good to have a day of rest! It’s good to hear the trip is going well. Thanks for the blog entries. It is fun to follow your progress. Will be praying for you. Thanks for your prayers.


  2. Sandee

    Ohh we are looking forward to another dance AND a song!!!! The kids are all dancing around making up their own! I was laughing out loud at work as I read about you shooting pheasants! Your so funny Dad! I Love you and pray for you everytime I see a bicycle drive by! 🙂



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