When you think about God who is infinite in existence, He has always existed without beginning, and He is infinite in power, there is nothing that He can’t do, and He is infinite in wisdom, He knows everything, and He is omnipresent, meaning He is everyplace. Who am I that He would listen to me, that He would want me to talk to Him, that He would give great words of promise and reward to whoever would choose to spend time talking to Him? It is quite amazing that He will listen with interest and attentiveness to my words to him, and that He promises to answer the requests that I make to Him. With all that was offered to me why would I choose to be too busy to give Him much time talking to him? That is a mystery to me. I guess it illustrates the stupidity of mankind. My morning prayer of commitment is that I will be devoted to prayer and that I will seek Him diligently..

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