3 thoughts on “The Solution

  1. Ken Bentz

    Now that’s funny. Your previous post is one Janet and I live and laugh with daily. Pants, Socks, shoes and pullover shirts! Amazing how long it takes in the winter! We were just discussing the self lifting chair and decided not yet. But the ejector?Maybe.
    Ken Bentz


  2. Julie Hansen

    Love it!! So funny! So is this the hoist that you were talking about in your blog🤣
    And yes, I know what you mean. The older I get the longer everything takes. I miss the old days but am grateful for all I can still do. So much to be grateful for.
    Thanks for your faithful encouragement to the Body of Christ through your blogs and for all that you have given so sacrificially to Koinonia Bible School here at CRC a couple of years back!!! You are a blessing🌿
    All for JESUS,
    Julie Hansen

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