I think that as God orchestrates our life as a Potter with clay that he designs the consequences of getting older to be added weight on the barbell of our life to make us stronger and more like Jesus in character. Things were so much easier when I was younger. Just getting my socks on in the morning now is a ten-minute ordeal. As of late I have found myself paralyzed, stuck in my recliner. I am not really paralyzed, it is just easier to stay there than get up and do what I am supposed to do, so I just sit there, seemingly unable to move. The self-control needed to get with it hasn’t caught up with the effort required to get up and do something.

The character growth takes place as I recognize what is going on in my life, and determine to conquer this and then to just do it. The fact that it takes more effort and time is just how it is, not just for me but for most people as they get older and, for many, much worse than what I am experiencing. I can still fish, work on my car, preach and teach for hours, work on my house, and ride my bicycle, it just takes more effort, determination and time than it used to.

The cool thing is that God wants me to grow in character, to run the race that He has set in front of me with endurance, and to be diligent, self-controlled, and joyful in the process. He gives me His strength to do just that, and I have the promise that He won’t put more weight on the bar at any one time than I can handle.

Another cool thing is that the recliner I have has an electric hoist, so I push a button, and it lifts me right up to my feet. Now if I could just get it to put my socks on I would be set.

2 thoughts on “Paralyzed

  1. Chris Northstorm

    God is so gracious. He gives women those character building physical challenges every pregnancy. Then she goes through labor and delivery. Then nursing a baby around the clock. No sleep. High demands. It’s truly a blessing to be grown through babies and child raising.

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  2. Ron Laughlin

    Hey Dee Ron Laughlin here.. I ran across your post.. was really blessed.. definitely relates to me .. now 80 plus years but still serving.. Trust your leadership guys are doing well at Buena Vista..



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