Loving Patty the Way Jesus Loves the Church

Years ago I decided that when I say “I love you” to Patty it needed to be more than an expression of affection, it needed to be an expression of my commitments to her, so I wrote out a list of seven commitments and expanded the list to a dozen on our 50th wedding anniversary. Every time I say I love you I am remaking these commitments. A few of them are;

(1) I will not get angry at you, not even a little bit irritated, no matter what you do.

(2) I will talk to you any time you want, for as long as you like, and I will honor you by paying sincere attention to your words.

(3) I will pray with you at least three times each week.

(4) I will not be bossy or controlling of you.

(5) I will not be selfish or possessive of your time, and will give you all the freedom you desire to develop your spiritual gifts and ministry.

(6) I will regularly ask for your opinion and counsel on character weaknesses and blind spots that you see that I need to work on in order to enhance my walk with Christ, my role as a pastor, and as a husband to you.

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