Good Health

One of the things that I believe to be true is that the commandment given repeatedly in the Old Testament and in the New Testament to “rejoice always,” has significant rewards and blessings in our life. A major one of those blessings is good health. Nobody has perfect nealth, but some are certainly more energetic and less sick than many others. One of the factors in the level of our health is the amount of positive rejoicing and praising we do as opposed to complaining.

Proverbs 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine,

We all tend towards fretting and worrying about events coming in the future. The Bible says that we should pray about anything that makes us anxious and God will reward us with a peace that is impossible to understand.

Living our life every day free of anxiety is possible. Living our life free of worry is not only possible but commanded by God in the Bible.

If you have stress, worry, and anxiety popping into your thinking at night or during the day you need to make a goal to conquer it. The cool thing is that growing and becoming a relatively stress free person is very possible for anybody who is willing to pursue it.

3 thoughts on “Good Health

  1. Beverly Bensusen

    Excellent goal. Thank you again for the vote of possibility. A friend of mine recently recently text me a great suggestion that I hope to use. We were on a phone call we talked several times a week she lives in Tennessee now and I live here and we got disconnected somehow and she texted “ well I guess our call dropped so I’ll talk to you later, Make some joy.” I like that


  2. kl dement

    I tried to leave comment on your blog but it would not let me post for some.  Reason But… I agree. Stress and anxiety can be devastating on your mental, emotional and physical health.  Most of my life I spent stressed and very anxious.  Always in a survival mode.  This of course due to poor decision making.  Hi believed but failed in faith.   Today however that is a different situation.   I stress still but now remind myself, God’s got this!  

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