A Coon in our Bedroom

We had some excitement tonight. I let our dog, Roscoe out to go potty, and pretty soon I heard him growling and barking and then I heard him yelping in pain. I went to the door to see what was going on and Roscoe came running into our room with a coon right behind him. Then they started fighting right in the middle of our bedroom, and Roscoe was losing badly. I have a collection of canes behind my recliner and I grabbed the biggest one and started clubbing the coon on the head and he ran under our bed. Roscoe jumped up on our bed with Patty barking non-stop and very loud (that is Roscoe barking, not Patty) . Roscoe then jumped down and in a fit of bravery went under the bed after the coon and chased him out and I started in again whacking him as hard as I could on the head with my cane. I think the coon got annoyed with me because he ran out the door and climbed the tree by the back of our house. I was going to shoot him with my shotgun, but I decided to go to bed instead. Roscoe has a few coon bites but I think he is doing alright and getting ready for his next coon fight.

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