I Almost Sunk my Boat

I ended my bicycle trip five days early as I stopped at the Snake River to fish for catfish with friends who were already there. One of my friends towed my 20-foot aluminum pontoon boat over to the river. On day three we motored down the reservoir about 5 miles to a favorite spot to catch fish. We had been fishing for about 5 hours when someone said that it looked like the boat was setting lower in the water than normal. So we started up the motor and headed for the dock. The boat started going slower and slower as it was obviously getting lower in the water. All of a sudden the motor stopped and I looked around and the motor was submerged under the water. The pontoons were under the water and only the deck was above water, barely. We were still a couple hundred yards from the dock but the wind was blowing us and we had a paddle and we managed to drift right to the dock. Everyone jumped off, we got the trailer backed down quickly, and we managed to get the boat on the trailer by backing the trailer way under the water. We pulled it out and while the boat was still at an angle on the ramp we opened the plugs on the pontoons and they were almost full of water taking a long time to drain. I have the pontoon boat home now and I plan on drilling and tapping a couple of plugs and putting in some Schraeder valves, with the doctored plugs in the boat, then putting air pressure in the pontoons and spraying it with soapy water to find the leaks. Once found I then will find me a friend who can weld aluminum to fix the leaks. I love adventures.

(A day later) I found the leaks, I didn’t need the soapy water, they were easy to hear as air whistled out. Now I just need to find someone who knows how to weld aluminum to weld the leaks for me, and I will be ready for fishing.

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