Ya Gotta Fight Old Age

If you jump out of an airplane you are going to fall rapidly towards the ground until you hit it. If you want, you can put on a parachute and slow that fall considerably. You can use a glider type parachute and take even longer to reach the ground.

When I was thirty years old I had an 80 lb PSE compound bow with an over-draw rest on it and I shot 26 inch arrows. I could shoot for several hours without getting tired. That was the rage back then in order to shoot arrows at a high feet per second speed. The problem with those little short arrows was that you had to hold the bow rock-solid to be accurate. So I practiced a lot in order to shoot accurately. I have a different PSE bow now that is 60 lbs and I got it out a couple days ago to practice and I couldn’t pull it back. Yikes! I have got to figure out how to slow the speed of this fall soon!

I am pulling a bungee cord exercise thing that simulates drawing a bow about ten times a day, I am doing barbell rows in my weight room once a day with 25 reps adding five pounds whenever I can do 25 reps, and I am pulling a kids bow 50 times a day that I have that is set at 45 pounds. If I get to sore I take a day off from it all. I am confident that it won’t be long now before I can pull my bow, and I might even crank it up to 65 lbs; we will see.

It isn’t just my physical body that is going down hill fast, I am getting so forgetful, my mind is getting wimpy as well as my body, scary! I spend half my time while working on my car looking for tools that I just set down someplace. I got so frustrated the other day looking for my cordless drill that I got in my truck drove to HomeDepoe, and bought another one.

I am spending 30 minutes every day memorizing Bible verses and I think I am going to up my time to an hour in order to keep my mind strong and sharp. I might need a bigger parachute!

I recently made a goal to run a half marathon on Thanksgiving Day in Albany, and I have started training on a treadmill as well as riding my stationary bike.

I am being much more disciplined in my eating now eliminating most sugar and refined foods from my diet, and I am fasting periodically.

I am not afraid of dying, not even a little bit, in fact I am looking forward to stepping into glory and getting my new body and being done with this life. I know the Lord has that date set, but I do want to accomplish as much in this life as I possibly can as an issue of responsible stewardship of my life for the Lord.

I also know that there are dozens of things that could happen outside of my control that would put the brakes on accomplishing much more with my life, but I will control all that I can control and push as hard as I can push, and attempt to cross the finish line into heaven at a sprint.

Wow, it would be so much easier to just sit in my recliner and play solitaire on my iPad.

2 thoughts on “Ya Gotta Fight Old Age

  1. markpuff

    I completely understand every word above LOL I make lists of things I want to accomplish each day and some have physical demands. My mind says ” You can do it” My body thinks I’m crazy.


  2. Beverlee Hilton

    We are all going through the same thing Dee. Ten years ago it wasn’t like this. I get sore from doing most any chore. The chiropractor tells me to stretch before doing chores. So i stretched and then i’m sore in places that wouldn’t normally get sore from the chores i do. I wonder how my parents or grandparents survived with all the aches and pains of old age. Then i remember, most of them didn’t live as long as me. Am i bragging or complaining?



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