2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 55

Tonight we are camped at Zim’s Hot Springs near New Meadows, Idaho. We rode 77 miles today and it was mostly uphill. It was the kind of uphill that follows a river so it wasn’t extreme but it definitely wears you out when you are plugging along all day long. The river we followed all day was the Salmon River and there were a lot of fisherman. It was a beautiful ride. We saw quite a few bicyclers today who are doing the Transamerican going West to East, and a number of them that I talked to were from England. I have very weak cell service and no wifi here where we are camped so I won’t be able to send any pictures. The hot springs here is 140 gallons a minute of artesian water that is 180 degrees. They have a big swimming pool and two smaller pools. They have a mixing valve like what is on your shower valve to regulate the water temperature in all of the pools, and they blow it up in the air in the pool to help cool the water off a bit. We enjoyed ourselves in the pool tonight relaxing the overworked muscles.

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