2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 54

Woke up this morning to pouring rain, and it has been poring rain all day long. This morning when I saw the rain I opted to ride in the pick-up with Dave. I felt terribly wimpy as everyone else took off this morning on their bicycles all bundled up in their rain gear, but as we rode in the truck with it pouring rain having trouble seeing the road I began to feel very wise😀 The forecast is for the rain to go away tonight and tomorrow to be nice. We will see, the weather man has been wrong on numerous occasions on this trip. I really hated missing the ride today because I only had three more days of riding before I bail on the group to go fishing on the Snake river, but I hate riding in the rain. I can’t see very well with my glasses off and when it is raining I can’t see at all which makes me very nervous, and then cars pass you and they spray more water all over you and trucks just about drown you. I hate riding in the rain, but I think I said that already, not complaining, just stating the facts. I am looking forward to a nice sunny day of riding tomorrow and the next day and then fishing!

Paul Risinger and I celebrating the top of Lolo pass and entering Idaho.
An appreciated stop for coffee.
Taking a break out of the rain in the back of the trailer
Looking for small pieces of wire in tires.
Cruising along with all my rain gear on
Pau waving, or saying “don’t take my picture!”

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