2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 35

It started raining about midnight and rained until noon. We all bundled up with warm cloths and rain gear this morning and took off at 6:00 am. I am pretty sure that is the coldest I have ever been in my life. I couldn’t feel my feet or my hands, and my face hurt it was so cold. We were scheduled to camp at a county campground but decided to get a motel instead to reward ourselves for enduring that cold ride. Yesterday I was cooking hot riding and today I was freezing cold. It is amazing how fast and how drastic the weather changes. We met a lot of different people today, and they all expressed great sympathy for our plight. One lady today asked me why we were doing this, and I responded, “ I used to know why, but today I forgot, something about having fun!”Today we rode 65 miles and tomorrow we will ride about the same. We are scheduled to stay at another KOA tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be nice. We do have some major climbing coming tomorrow as we start into the Rocky Mountains.

There are half a dozen reasons why I do these kinds of trips:

1. It is good for my health in general and it has a major impact on my Parkinson’s. I am not trying to live forever, I am not worried about dying and being with the Lord, but I would like to be healthy and have energy while I am here.

2. A major life purpose of mine is to grow in maturity and character so as to be as much like Jesus as is possible in the days remaining for me in this life. Choosing to do difficult and challenging things and persevering in doing them is a great character builder.

3. There is something unique about long distance bicycle riding that causes me to be totally renewed emotionally when I get back to ministry. It could be the alone time on the bike, the scenery, the reflective thinking that I do while riding, or the time I spend thinking about the Lord and His plan for my life in the years remaining. But whatever it is, it works well.

4. I want to make every day that I live to be productive bearing much fruit for Him and growing to be like Him, and clear goals are the key to making the most of my time. As I ride and think I come up with lots of new goals for the days ahead.

5. As a pastor I want to model and be an example of living life out of the safe, secure, and boring zone. So many people want their life to be secure and predictable, but when they stay there they grow very little and accomplish only a small amount of fruit with their life for the Lord. As I do this ride and others like it I hope to encourage people to do some risky and hard things.

6. So many more issues, challenges, and difficulties come up as we get older and if we are tough enough to manage them we accelerate our character growth and our accomplishments. Bicycle trips like ours causes us to become tough

1 thought on “2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 35

  1. Marc Kronberg

    Thank you for being tough. You are an encouragement to me to live a more productive life for the Lord.



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