2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 31

Today is the last day we will be in Kansas, and today we are officially halfway done on our trip. We are in Scott City, Kansas, and are in a recreational facility that has a swimming pool and is air-conditioned, which is nice because it is 100 degrees outside.

Let me give you a tour of my bicycle that I have been spending considerable time with lately.

There she is, beautiful don’t you think! Notice the almost “girl’s bike“ look with the center bar being recessed. That is so I can stand up with both feet on the ground when I stop and start. Because I am so stiff and rigid I can’t get my leg over the bike when I want to get on and off, so I lay the bike down, step over it straddling it and then pick the bike up under me, and I do just the opposite when I get off, lay the bike down, step over it, and then pick it up and put the kick stand down. Watch the video at the end of the pictures.
The brand of my bike is a “Haibike“ made in Germany.
There are a number of different kinds of “Haibikes” depending on what you plan on doing with your bike. This one is made for long distance touring and is called “Trekking 1.0.” Touring bikes are made for comfort not for speed so they are built much stronger and heavier. When I take a tour without a support vehicle I am carrying an additional 70 pounds in my panniers besides my own 220 pounds.
This picture shows the size of the bars and the welds making it very durable and comfortable.
My bike is what is called an e-bike. I have an electric motor on the bike that helps me out. It is pretty sophisticated in how it works. There are devices on the bike that sense the amount of pressure on the pedals as well as rpm’s that I am pedaling and the gear that I am in and gives me electricity accordingly. The harder I push because I am going up a steep hill the more help I get. When I am on flat ground and cruising along at 18 mph with little effort the motor isn’t running. I have two batteries and I need to conserve my power so as not to run out. Though whener it is flat, down hill or we have a tail wind I turn the motor off. I am sure that my bicycling would be over because of my parkinson’s if it weren’t for this cool invention. Even though it helps I still work hard, sweat a lot, and keep my heart rate at 120 bpm most of the day.
This is the brain for my bike. At the top, you can see the tube-shaped thing. There are five bars in it, and as the battery is drained, the bars go down in number. My bike has four power levels, and you can see the four boxes over the word “off.” Most of the day I have it in “Econo “ level which would be in the first box, then there is “tour” which I switch to on extra steep hills, then “sport” which I will switch to ten miles from camp if I have a lot of battery left so I can beat Cliff, and then there is “Turbo” which I use to run away from dogs. I only takes about 30 minutes on “Turbo”and your battery is empty. The computer also keeps track of everything in a days riding and for the whole trip. Total mileage, average speed, fastest speed, feet climbed, and feet going downhill. I assume it uses GPS on the last two numbers.
My seat or saddle is an all leather “Brooks”. It appears to be hard but over about 400 miles the leather stretches to fit my butt so it is relatively comfortable. Also smooth leather creates considerably less friction between the inside of my legs and the seat. Friction is your worst enemy on a bicycle seat.

Also notice my handlebars. The lower one has my brake handles and shifter levers, and I ride in the typical bent over position when my hands are on those. When I put my hands on the upper bars I am sitting almost straight up. I sit on a different part of my rear-end with each position so it is great to switch back and forth.

These are disc brakes and they are also hydraulic instead of manual so there is plenty of stopping power when you are going down a steep hill with lots of weight on the bike.
One of my favorite things about this bike is the shocks on the front wheel. On every bike trip I have taken one of the worst things for me is the excruciating neck pain that I would get. A lot of back roads are “chip and seal” so they are rough. That roughness goes from the front tire up to the handle bars which I am leaning on, up my arms into my shoulders and then into my neck. I would take lots of ibuprofen and rub my neck with lots of liniment every night. With these shocks I have had minor arm, shoulder, and neck problems or fatigue. To say I love these shocks would be an understatement.
These are the panniers. I also have some for the front. Because we have a support vehicle on this trip I just have rain cloths, 6 extra water bottles, tools for changing a tire, snacks for when I get hungry, and my extra battery in these bags.

This is the holder that I have my Iphone in. I have each day mapped out and the map of the route is on the screen and it is bluetoothed with my hearing aids so I get audible turn by turn directions as I ride.

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