2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 29

Today was a very tough day of bicycling. It was supposed to be 77 miles but because of detours because of all the rain and road construction we ended up riding 89 miles. That was bad enough but we road into a 17 mph headwind all day. Riding into a headwind is worse than hill climbing because you don’t get a rest. With hills you get to go downhill after every hill, but with this wind you have to keep grinding it out all day long. We didn’t get into camp until 8:00 pm and every part of my body was sore. But on a positive note the rain quit and the sun was shining most of the afternoon and is supposed to all day tomorrow as well.

We are camping in a porch area of a sports complex which is handy because we don’t need to set up tents. I was to tired to do much for dinner so I ate two cans of sardines. We are in Hoisington, Kansas tonight.

My dinner tonight!
Notice the flag torn from the wind
Our camping spot tonight

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