2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 23

Today was an easy day of bicycling. It was only 45 miles long, it was primarily flat with an occasional hill to climb, there were no dogs, I only got five mosquito bites, there was no rain, and we had a ten mile an hour tailwind for half the day. One time I was going 26 mph on a flat road with very little pedaling because the wind was blowing so hard.

We did have five miles of gravel road today and I hate riding on gravel. The reason I hate riding on gravel is because the skinny bike tires that we have scoot out from under you like you were on ice, and sure enough I had a wreck today on that hated gravel. No blood and nothing was broken on me or my bike, but I do have a number of aches, paines, and pulled muscles tonight, and I probably will discover some more in the morning. As a 73 year old man I have a limited number of bicycle wrecks in me.

We are camped at Mutton Creek campground and Marina tonight which is on the Stockton reservoir and the town of Stockton.

I talk to people all the time about our bicycle trip across the U.S. and today I had a bunch. The first line of conversation is about the details of how far, how far today, and various adventures, then the next line of questions and discussion is why? It is a hard question to answer with most people because they really don’t understand the concept of enjoying a challenge so I usually don’t even try, but today there was a fellow at the Marinia that was about my age and into Mountain biking and still does some pretty hairy stuff, we had a great conversation.

Tom hit a pothole yesterday going pretty fast and broke his back rim. It isn’t broke badly but there is a crack that runs all the way across the rim. He and Dave spent all day at bike shops in Springfield but didn’t have any success finding a shop that had a rim his size. The town we will be camping in tomorrow is Pittsburg, Kansas and there is a bike shop there so he is going to ride his bike and see what happens. The worst that can happen is he has to call Dave to come pick him up, but Dave is getting used to that.

It is supposed to thunder and lightening and rain tonight with strong winds. I hope it is all over in the morning. We have the tents staked and tied down extra secure and everything put away so it won’t get wet.

I am sorry I didn’t get any pictures today, tomorrow I will for sure. We will enter into Kansas tomorrow and lots of flat riding coming up.

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