2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 22

We were biking today and a big thunderstorm blew in, unbelievably fast. Lightening was everywhere, the thunder was super loud, the wind started blowing hard, the rain was coming down monsoon style and it was hailing little marble size ice. I couldn’t ride in it, so I pulled off on a gravel patch and stood there with my head down and pretended that I was in a tent. I had my rain gear on, so the only thing getting wet was my feet, which got really wet and very cold. I put my hands in my pockets because the hail would sting badly when it hit bearskin. I stood there for 30 minutes, and then it let up enough to bike 8 miles to the next town. I just got into McDonald’s, and it started again, only worse. Dave was already in McDonald’s, so I called the rest who were strung out over a mile and told them where I was, so they headed there. We sat in there and drank coffee for a while, and then when it slowed down a bit, everyone went out and rearranged all the camping stuff so we could all get our bike’s in the trailer. We then drove the remaining 20 miles to our campsite at the KOA in Springfield, Missouri. It was supposed to be an 80-mile day, but it turned into a 60-mile bike ride, and a 20-mile pickup ride. The campground had some cabins for rent, so we rented the biggest one they had. I am now sitting on the couch writing this blog.

Tomorrow we are supposed to have a relatively easy day, only 50 miles and relatively flat. The rollers are less steep and not as tall. Hopefully it isn’t going to rain on us.

3 thoughts on “2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 22

  1. Nora Hollingsworth

    Hi pastor dee. So glad you fellaS are ok. From the sounds of it in your discription that maybe a small tornado near by with the hail. I lived 25 years back there Recognize the sights. And yes butter cold during that time. Praise God! Hopefully tomorrow is a good one for you. See you when you get back. Regards, Nora



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