2022 Bicycle Ride – Day 20

Last night we had a racoon visit our campground and he made a royal mess and ate a bunch of our food. He liked the freeze dried stuff especially well. We will keep stuff locked up from here on out.

Dave and I drove 100 miles to St Louis to pick up Tom Zilverberg from the airport who will be riding with us to the end. We have his bike in our trailer. We have another rider joining us in Colorado. Cliff and Kathy, and Terri are riding their bikes to our next campsite in Eminence, Missouri, which is about 85 miles. They will ride into camp about the time we arrive there. We will then tell them what a hard day we had riding in the air condtioned pick up with soft seats, and how easy they had it cruising along on their bicycles.

Tom is way more hard of hearing than I am and Dave has a hearing loss as well, and it is really hard writing this blog while they are talking to each other, because Tom is in the back seat and Dave is driving and they are shouting at each other, really loud to be heard, and they still say, huh, about every other sentence.

I am finally getting into somewhat of a routine where I am getting in some writing time, besides this blog, book reading, listen to some sermons, Bible reading, scripture memory, and prayer time.

Tonights campground is much nicer than last nights in that it has showers and WiFi. I might even be able to “live stream” the NBA playoff game between Boston and Miami.

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