2022 Bicycle Ride – Day 19

Written On Monday for Monday but sent Tuesday morning because of no cell or WiFi service at campground.

Today we rode 72 miles with almost 5,000 feet of climbing. My top speed going down the hills was 41 mph. We are now camped in Riverside Campground near Fredericktown. We crossed the Mississippi River first thing this morning and are now in Missouri. So we have gone through the States of Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, and now we are in Missouri. We are riding through the Mark Twain National Forest and it is beautiful. In Oregon our National Forests are evergreens like Douglas Fir and Pondarosa Pine, but here it is mostly all hardwoods like red oak, maple, ash, locust, and hickory. We are almost one-third done with our trip, that is hard to comprehend, it seems like we just started.

We are camped right on a very nice river and the camp host said there were lots of big catfish and smallmouth bass in the river. I had my rod out and ready to go, but then decided that I was to tired. I can’t remember a time that I chose not to fish because I was tired!

Today was a very nice day of riding. It was sunny but not very hot, I think because of the big rainstorm last night. There were no mosquitoes or dogs, the traffic was minimal, there were lots of hills, but only a couple of really steep ones.

2 thoughts on “2022 Bicycle Ride – Day 19

  1. Jim Saemenes

    Are you riding on St Route 60 in Missouri? If so you will go through Birch Tree, MO my daughter and her husband live there. If you need a place to stay or just need some help they would love to help you out. I can hook you up with them.
    If your going through Branson I have a college friend who lives there, is a Pastor and a World Class Magician he has a variety show that he preform in Branson. https://www.branson.com/shows/hamners-unbelievable-variety/?keyword_session_id=vt~adwords%7Ckt~%7Cmt~%7Cta~586828834025&_vsrefdom=wordstream&utm_campaign=2022+-+Specific+Properties&utm_term=&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_src=g&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_mt=&hsa_grp=137294151354&hsa_ver=3&hsa_cam=16362342863&hsa_kw=&hsa_acc=6637736810&hsa_ad=586828834025&hsa_tgt=dsa-1640182813836&gclid=CjwKCAjwj42UBhAAEiwACIhADm8awwv6yNdquqsrS5_jOvQZJlv5XCf_sPkiPMbEOr8RyChPyN6bNBoChc4QAvD_BwE


    1. deefduke Post author

      We are in Eminence tonight camping. And doing good. Thanks for the offer. I didn’t have service last night and I probably would have taken them up on their offer had I seen this sooner.



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