2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 2

We bicycled 72 miles today and 46 miles of it was on a paved bicycle trail. That means there were no cars and it was very beautiful. I am sorry that I didn’t get any pictures, I was having some cell phone problems today, mostly from poor planning getting it charged. Today was my first day of biking and about mile 50 I ran out of gas. So I decided to use my electric assist motor on my bike to help me out. There is a key that locks the battery on the bike because they are expensive and people steal them. I forgot to take the key off of my keyring with the pickup key which Dave had because he is driving the pickup, so I couldn’t put the charged battery on my bike. I called Dave who was already in camp and he said he would be glad to bring me the key. He came and I took the rings and took my bicycle key off and put the rest of the keys in my pocket and we took off on our bicycles for camp. It wasn’t long before Dave called and said he had no pickup keys. I assured him that I laid them on the passenger seat, so he looked diligently and couldn’t find them, so I reached into my pocket, and was I embarrassed🥵.

I am really feeling the results of the ride tonight and the worst thing is my left knee hurts really bad and is starting to swell noticeably. I am hoping that a good nights sleep will fix it, but if it is still in bad shape in the morning I will probably take the day off and ride in the pickup.

Well, speaking of sleep, I think I will hit the hay.

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