2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 1

Well, day one started out different than we expected. We spent until about midnight working on our trailer in the parking lot of the Norfork Airport where Kathy and Terri flew into. We thought we had it fixed but drove one block and it was dragging on the road. We pulled into the parking lot of a “Dollar General,” and found a cheap motel close by. Dave drove us all to the motel and he went back and slept in the pick up so no one would break into the trailer and steal our bikes. We spent some time on the phone this morning, and found a welding shop only a mile away so we worked on the trailer some more and fixed it enough to limp into the shop. It was finally finished at 5:00 pm so we drove the distance we were supposed to bike today to our reserved campground. We are all ready for tomorrow and expect a good day of biking! We will see.

One of my mottos is to work “hard, but don’t get uptight with the unexpected. “ Another is, “life is too short to have even a single boring day, so enjoy the challenges, the unexpected, and the adventures!”

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