Be Available, but Be Humble

Tomorrow I am headed to Seaside for three days of meetings with Pastors from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. Many of them I know and see at various events like this one, and many know me because of attendance at our “Pastors Seminar” that we held each year in January for over 20 years. My prayer request as I pray tonight is that God would give me opportunities to encourage other Pastors in the conversations that I will have randomly for the three days. I am also asking for wisdom to see and hear the open doors that God will provide, and that I wouldn’t be hesitant and lose the opportunity.

On the other hand I am praying for wisdom, self-control, and humility not to be a pastor “know it all” in those conversations. There is always the fleshly, carnal temptation to look and appear like the accomplished and successful pastor in giving suggestions, opinions, and counsel to peers. Sometimes my desire to be used by God is too strong, and I move ahead of Him.

It is tricky balancing between being quick to respond to God-ordained opportunities and being overbearing and talking to much. What I try and do is mentally review each conversation after I walk away and try and discern if I was helpful, gracious, and humble, and determine to make adjustments as needed in the next encounter.

I am looking forward to the fellowship and camaraderie that this event usually provides, and the good food as well.

1 thought on “Be Available, but Be Humble

  1. tuemuns

    Pastor Dee,Please have a safe trip.Thanks for blog entry.I hope to finally get my doctor to clear me this week.I miss my jbc family so much.
    Be humble
    Be kind



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