Part of the reason many of us aren’t motivated much is because we are bored. On my “high output alternator,” on my mustang, it has what is called an “exciter” wire which triggers it to generate electricity. For some reason, I do so much better in producing in life if I am excited, and very few things affect me negatively as much as being bored. It seems that as I have gotten older, I get bored much easier and quicker than I used to. So I have worked at figuring out how to deal with boredom in my life.

-The first thing is that I work at being responsible and faithful in doing what I am supposed to do even when I am bored out of my head. I can do that successfully for a while.

-The easiest way for me to deal with my boredom is to change what I am doing frequently. If I am reading and I feel myself getting demotivated I will switch to memorizing Bible verses, or writing my blog, or simply changing books. If I am sitting, I often get up and go work on my car or vice versa.

-Sometimes my boredom is simply being tired, which is much more of an issue in my life now, so I take a 30-minute nap if I am where I can do that. Sometimes a five-minute catnap will work wonders. Getting up and getting some celery sticks out of the fridge to munch on works also.

– In the bigger picture I need variety from day to day. A study day followed by a work outside day or a fishing trip. A week or even a couple of months of change, especially if it is a challenge is a major “exciter” in my life. I am going on a 62-day bicycle trip across the nation in May and June, and that will be a super energizer in my life.

One of the keys for me was to recognize the problem of boredom and acknowledge the need for variety without beating myself up for being lazy. It makes it so much easier to be proactive in solving the problem when I am not simply responding to guilt.

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