The Most Important Goals

I have 73 goals, and here are the top dozen.

#2. I will pray 30 minutes every day by myself.

#3. I will pray for an additional 15 minutes twice a week on my kneeling bench in my office.

#4 I will pray for a total of 40 hours during each of the “Five Day Prayer Events” that JBC holds four times a year.

#5. I will pray with Patty a minimum of three times each week.

#6. I will pray through the Church Prayer Letter each week.

#7. I will pray for every person in JBC every week using my IPad and the app that I have to help me keep track of people, their needs, victories, and problems.

#8. I will pray for Patty, all our kids, son-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, and all grandkids every day.

#9. I will keep my prayer app “PrayerMate” up to date with information, pictures, and the needs of each person in it.

#10. I will write prayers in my prayer journal and pray through previously written prayers twice each week.

#12. I will pray a “Commitment Prayer” presenting my life to Christ as Lord of my life every morning, first thing.

#31. I will pray in three regular JBC corporate prayer times each week.

#54. I will pray for each staff person, each Elder and their families twice each week.

#63. I will pray every day for 44 baptisms at JBC in 2022 and remind everyone in JBC to do the same at least once each week.

Oops, there are 13 of my goals that are prayer-related goals, not a dozen. Prayer is very important to me. I believe the time I spend praying has great impact on my life, the life of those that I pay for, and on the health of JBC.

My life “Mission Statement” is to be a man devoted to prayer, and to convince as many other people as possible to be people devoted to prayer.

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