Exciting and Fun Goals

I have 73 goals for this year. I already have two of the harder ones accomplished; finding a person to oversee the small group ministry at JBC and finding someone to be the pastor at Buena Vista Community Church, both accomplished. As I was reading through the 71 Goals that I have left this afternoon, I started thinking about #61 and researching it. “I will go to a major and very good church growth seminar this year and take at least one staff member with me.” I researched by Googling “fastest-growing churches” and then reading through the websites and Facebook sites of the churches that came up in the search. I also typed in “best church growth seminars,” and did the same with that list. Part of the problem and challenge is that I only have certain dates open to go to one of these seminars. It seems like the very best ones all fall on a date that would be impossible to go.

Back in the early days of JBC in the 80’s and 90’s I would go to a seminar around four times each year. I always learned a ton of information and could hardly wait to return home and put all my newfound wisdom into practice. I didn’t know very much about leading a church, about effective, corporate evangelism methods, about much of anything related to pastoring, so I was like a kid in a candy store when I went on these trips.

You can learn something from anybody, but given a choice, “Learn from the Best!” There are seminars and retreats on marriage, parenting, managing money, blogging, woodworking, boat building, computer use, fishing, hunting, weight loss. There really isn’t much of an excuse for staying dumb, except our laziness and pride.

1 thought on “Exciting and Fun Goals

  1. Frank Bain

    Hello Pastor Dee. I thought I would check with you to see if there might be a possibility for me to host an accountability group that you would lead, or, to join one of yours? Or, if you might have another suggestion?



    Frank Bain
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