Writing about seven ways to know the will of God makes it sound like figuring out the will of God is simple, but I am perplexed. I have several decisions to make and I can’t figure out what to do, I am perplexed. I have gone over the seven principles several time and I am still perplexed. So what Am I going to do? I am going to continue praying asking God to show me His plan and will for my life, I am going to get some more counsel from some very wise people and I will be patient and wait until I know what to do. But if a decision has to be made I will make it doing the best I can with the information that I have. If the time comes and a decision needs to be made I will make it confidently without any fear of making the wrong choice, though I know that I might make a dumb decision. Fear messes with our ability to have sound judgment, and it increases the likelihood of making a wrong decision.

2 thoughts on “Perplexed

  1. Scott Lute

    “…that by testing you may discern what is the will of God.”
    I struggle finding the perfect will of God. But it seems that the process of desiring and struggling to know Gods will always pays dividends. Sometimes leading to a good outcome, oftentimes acceptable, but always better than I can manufacture by my own will.
    It can be disappointing when our “testing” reveals something less than perfect. We were created to desire the perfect, but only One qualifies and I am not Him. But, His strength is “made perfect in my weakness.” (2nd Cor 12:9)
    God shows me my imperfections and my slow progress by comparing them to His perfections.
    Thank you Pastor Dee for your transparency in that struggle. It’s encouraging.



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