Seven Ways to Know God’s Will #5

1. Ask Him to show you His will. He wants us to know what His will is for our life more than we do.

2. Declare Jesus Lord of your life and commit to do His will. I do this every morning first thing.

3. Pay attention to the circumstantial road signs. God opens up doors and provides clues all day long, and if we are paying attention, we will see them

4 Get wise counsel. This is the most neglected of the seven but is very effective because of the humility factor that God loves.

5. Pay attention to thoughts, ideas, desires, and dreams that you have. Listen to your thoughts. God talks to us and we hear him in our mind. The problem is that the devil talks to us as well, and our sinful flesh, and the gone crazy world also talk to us loudly and 24/7. Mature believers have worked hard and have learned to differentiate between the different voices in their head and know when God is speaking to them. One of the things I do is write down on paper something I think God is saying to me. I then put it away for one month and then pull it out and read it. If I am still thinking that it is from God I act on it, but if it seems weird, strange, selfish, or boring, I wad the paper up and throw it away.

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