How to Know God’s Perfect Will for our Life

The Perfect Will and Plan of God for my Life

Because I believe that when I am doing God’s perfect will for my life I can’t fail I work very hard to discover what it is. God wants me to know what His will is more than I want to know it, but He waits until I search diligently for it before He makes sure that I know what it is in detail.

A key ingredient on my part is a commitment to do His will no matter how hard or difficult it might be. Every morning in my prayer of commitment for the day I begin with the pledge,

“Today, Lord Jesus I declare you to be my Lord and King, You have purchased me with Your blood and I do not belong to myself, I belong to you and I now present myself to you and I commit to do whatever you ask of me no matter how difficult or how hard it might be.”

When I was on the dairy farm struggling with what God’s will for me was, I prayed every morning saying, “Dear Lord, you know me, you know that I really want to farm, I do not want to be a pastor, the thought of being a pastor scares me to death. But I commit to doing whatever your will is for my life no matter how hard or scary it is.”

If God knows that we won’t do His will even if He wrote it in the sky, He won’t reveal it to us. Our willingness to follow, to obey, no matter what, is very important if we expect God to make clear to us what His sovereign plan for our life is.

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