Rain, Rain, Rain

The church parking lot filled up with water and ran into the lower end of the sanctuary. A bunch of us packed sand bags and barricaded the water away from the sanctuary. Tomorrow some guys are coming with big vacuum cleaners and will vacuum up all of the water in the sanctuary and then we will set up some big heaters and dehumidifiers and hopefully everything will be as good as new.

I am sitting in my recliner writing this, and my back and arms are killing me from lifting all those 65-pound bags of sand. (50 of them) There was a day when I could pick up and throw 70-pound bales of hay all day long, our goal was 1000 bales a day from the field stacked in the barn, and I never got sore. Those days are long gone, though I am trying hard to hang onto them by lifting weights, riding my stationary bike an hour every day, and going on a 4,000-mile bicycle trip across the United States, coast to coast this summer.

A crucial part of God’s plan to develop the character of Christ in us is bringing challenges, barriers, obstacles, and problems into our life that we need to solve, overcome, and conquer. Weariness and fatigue is probably one of the most nagging and irritating problems that comes with age. An added problem for me is Parkinson’s. Those with Parkinson’s often experience a feeling of deep tiredness that does not improve with rest. About half of people with PD report fatigue is a major problem and a third say it is their most disabling symptom.

I am attempting to conquer this mountain in my life by regular strenuous exercise. Some other commitments and disciplines that I have made are never to say, “I am tired,” never complain while packing sandbags because of flooding, try hard to keep up with the young guys packing sandbags, never to allow myself to think self-pity thoughts, to rejoice always despite fatigue and soreness, to ask God for His strength every day, and to work hard at standing up straight and walking like a 20-year-old man, not like an old man.

3 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Rain

  1. Lloyd Smith

    I have just a couple of those sandbags in my shed that I need to put in the back of my pickup for the winter. Anytime you are ready. 🙂


  2. Kevin Goodrich

    Prayers for a steady and solid recovery, Pastor Dee, again and again – until the Devil surrenders all to the victorious glory of God’s promised kingdom.

    In Christ,

    Kevin & Jacki Goodrich
    ~Proverbs 20:29~
    ~John 16:33~
    ~1 John 4:4~



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