Is that Your Voice God?

In 1 Samuel 3 God calls out to the boy Samuel four times, and Samuel kept running back to Eli thinking he was the one who had called him. Samuel didn’t recognize the voice of the Lord so he didn’t know when God was speaking to him. We have the same problem today. God speaks to us and we hear him in our thoughts. The problem is that some of our thoughts come from demons who follow us around jabbering at us and we hear them in our thoughts. We also get a lot of our thoughts from our sinful flesh, also all the stuff in the world that we hear and see all day long fills our head with thoughts, and then we also have thoughts from our own mind and heart. So thoughts from the devil, from the world, from your sinful flesh, and our own thoughts are swirling in our brain all day long.

It is not an easy thing to discern which thoughts in our heads are from God. Once we have grown to the point that we recognize God’s voice when He directs us into His perfect will we will have a huge advantage over those who have no clue what God’s voice sounds like.

The best training in all of life to learn this important skill is corporate prayer. God speaks to the entire prayer group and we each have the same thought at the same time. Those who are listening to those praying around them as well as their own thoughts will hear matches. It doesn’t take to long before you begin to identify the thoughts that are from God. It is more intuitive than cognitive but it works.

We are praying 10 hours each day this week. Come join us and learn to listen to God. You can come for one hour or stay longer, but once you come you will want to stay longer.

1 thought on “Is that Your Voice God?

  1. Chris Northstorm

    You are right. I didn’t want to come, just like you said, but once I was there it was wonderful. I love being in the presence of God and hearing him speak truth to me and others. There was some distraction for sure but it was overridden by the Spirit. Also, folks should know…. there are treats there at the JBC corporate prayer event.



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