Hidden Cameras

Proverbs 5:21
For the ways of a man are before the eyes of the Lord,
And He watches all his paths.

We have a couple of wireless surveillance cameras on our front porch that are activated by motion. Every time the UPS truck comes up our driveway we get a video of the driver delivering our package. There are a lot of videos taken all the time now with cell phones of just about everything. You never know when someone is taking your picture. Sometimes when I see someone taking a video of me I smile just for fun.

God sees everything that I do, He hears everything that I say, He knows everything that I think, and He is aware of my motives better than I am. If I truly believed that, it would impact my behavior, my words, and even my thoughts. Growing in my awareness of the presence of God around me all of the time is important in the growth of my intimacy with God and my character growth.

Nothing causes my sensitivity to the presence of God in my life to grow as much as corporate prayer does.

Matthew 18:19-20 “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”

Where two or three have gathered together in the name of Jesus for the purpose of prayer He is there in a special way. We direct our words to Him as we pray as an act of faith, and He rewards that faith with a growing sense of His presence. We will have thoughts pop into our heads that are from Him prompting us to pray for certain things that He wants to give to us. As we become more and more aware of that we listen to our thoughts more attentively, and as we do we hear other people in the room praying what we were thinking, authenticating the fact that God is in the room speaking.

Jefferson Baptist Church’s five days of prayer starts tomorrow and we will be praying 10 hours each day, Monday through Friday. I will be there most of the time, and it is a powerful time of growing spiritually for me as I experience the presence of God.

You should come and experience God’s presence with me, it is an amazing time of being energized and renewed by the Holy Spirit.

1 thought on “Hidden Cameras

  1. Matt Borg

    Speaking of hidden cameras, you should loan Sherrie one of your game cameras to figure out what’s happening to the home made bread and ice cream in your kitchen late at night.



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