Am I Prideful, and Arrogant or Humbly Confident that I have a Mission from God

Proverbs 22:20-22 Have I not written to you excellent things of wisdom and knowledge, to make you know with certainty the words of truth.

I have been writing my blog for about eight years now. It takes me about two hours each day to think through various topics and then to write 300 to 500 words about that topic. Why do I do that? I don’t make any money from doing it. I will never see most of the people who read it each day, so popularity isn’t much of a pull. I guess another related question might be, “why do I preach sermons?” I have been Pastoring for 45 years now, and for most of those years, I have averaged about 6 hours each week of preaching and teaching the Bible; why?

I believe that I have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom gleaned from the Bible with God’s strength and guidance that will significantly bless others if they understood it and lived it. I believe that I can help a person know God better, serve God more effectively, I believe that I can help married couples have a better marriage, parents to raise better kids, and Christians to bear more fruit.

Because I believe strongly that the messages that I teach and write about will make a significant difference in people’s lives if lived out, bringing joy into their lives, success in every area of their life, spiritual growth, and ultimately a great experience at the “judgment seat of Christ,” I study, read, write, think, and generally work hard to communicate truth in an interesting way that will hold people’s attention and motivate them to action and faithfulness.

I pray every day asking God for wisdom to write well and to speak with clarity and passion. I pray and ask Him to stir people up, and prompt them to read my blog, listen to the radio program, and to come to church.

I believe that I have a calling from God, a mission that He has given to me, and I need to be faithful to that call. I have vowed that I will not be lazy, or irresponsible as I obsess about constantly getting better, more skilled, and effective in writing and teaching.

I believe every Christian has been given a mission from God. If we can discover what it is and pursue it diligently our life takes on a whole new level of meaning, significance and joy.

5 thoughts on “Am I Prideful, and Arrogant or Humbly Confident that I have a Mission from God

  1. David Coulombe


    I know you are not trolling for compliments, but please know that your faithfulness in service and dedication to His calling is very evident. The distinctions between the “called” and the “hireling” are evident to the discerning. You are in the former and not the latter category.




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