I Can’t or I Can

I regularly get frustrated by my inability to do more with my life, to accomplish more, to bear more fruit for God. I am so limited by time, by available resources, and especially by energy. I stated something in my sermon this last week that is a constant “self-talk” line for myself to help me manage my frustration and my often felt guilt for not doing more. “God loved the whole world and gave His only Son, but I can only love a few at a time as He opens the door for me and provides an opportunity; my challenge is not to miss any of those God-given appointments.” The whole world in John 3:16 was not just those who were alive at the time but included me 2000 years later. He has done so much, but there is so much I can’t do, but there is a lot that I can do if I am faithful. If I am faithful, He will give me more to do, but if I am unfaithful, He will take away what I have already been given. If I am devoted to what You give me, Lord. You will provide me with the strength to do it, You will give me the time, and You will provide me with the resources.

The single most important key for me to be faithful is to write goals. My goals are my expression of what I believe is an open door provided by God. If I don’t write a goal, what I saw as a great opportunity fades away in my mind and it is soon gone.

My goal is also a prayer request for wisdom to know how to accomplish it; it is a request for strength, resources, and help from others to accomplish this task given by God. So I don’t say “I can’t,” instead I say, “I can do God’s will for my life, and I will.”

2 thoughts on “I Can’t or I Can

  1. Chris Northstorm

    Thanks to your prompting to start back up with writing goals I have made a good list of goals for this year. One of which is to finally learn to use my pressure canner. What do you know! I’m seeing posts from a friend who showed her pressure canning. I made a comment and she directed me to a very helpful youtuber and recommended a good “how to” book. Since I look at the goals everyday I have even that goal at the forefront and guess what? Its happening!



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