The Right Thing

My Dad used to say, “Do the right thing because it is the right thing; you shouldn’t even have to think about it.” Some people have quite a few things that they do every day, which are not necessarily right or wrong but because they are important. They do these things day after day with seldom an interruption because they are important, and they don’t even think about it or have a personal debate about whether they are going to do them or not, they just do them. Those people are faithful, reliable, and dependable. They are almost always successful in every area of their life. Those who do what is important every day without fail have trained themselves to be that way. They weren’t born that way; they became that way by effort, discipline, and training.

The first step is to decide what is important and what we should do daily or regularly, like brushing our teeth. Then make a list of these things that make up the basic foundation of our life. If they really are important, and necessary, and we haven’t trained ourselves yet to be faithful in doing them, make a goal and read those goals every day. If you read them every day, you will do them. Keep it up until they are an established, entrenched habit.

Obviously, everything has a beginning, and the beginning for those who have become faithful in doing what is important is writing a goal and reading it every day. Without that beginning discipline none of the others are apt to follow except maybe ones like brushing your teeth.

I read my Bible every day, I spend time in prayer with God every day, I review the day and confess all the sins I can remember every day, I exercise every day, I write my blog every day, I spend 15 minutes minimum every day memorizing scripture, I take my Parkinson’s medicine every day, I brush my teeth every day, I read in a good book every day, I step on the scales every day, I read my goals every day, I record how I spent my time every day, I tell Patty that I love her every day.

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