How to Have Abounding Energy

Much of what people call being really tired is self-induced by poor, undisciplined self-talk. We can talk ourselves into just about any feeling or mental condition by what we say to ourselves in our thoughts. I am careful about what I say to myself, and to others out loud because it is often exactly what happens and becomes true.

I don’t say “I am tired,” at least not in a negative way. My Dad used to say, “tired is good, best feeling in the world, means you have been doing something!” If I say, “Whew, I am so tired,” it makes me more tired. There really isn’t any good reason to say to yourself or to others, “I am tired,” unless you are looking for sympathy or praise for how hard you have been working. Neither of those motives are very pleasing to the Lord.

I often hear people say that they are so busy! And I think to myself “Busy is good, means you are in the game and not on God’s bench.” Poor priorities are not good, especially if they have replaced activities that have value, eternal value.

When I have had a particularly busy day I say, “Thank You Lord for blessing me with assignments from You today. Thank You for considering me worthy to be a servant of Yours.”

All day long I ask God for energy, strength, and wisdom. Wisdom to choose what I do well, and energy and strength to accomplish what I have chosen as what I believe is God’s will for me to accomplish.

I don’t say, “It is so hard,” about any activity that I may be doing, that is the self-talk of a wimp, not a champion for Jesus. If I don’t want something to be true than I act and talk like it isn’t. If I say, “It is so hard,” “I am so tired,” “I am so busy,” my words will only make it worse, but if I say, “Thank You Lord for giving me so much to do for You,” I will be energized

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